How to Install Smash UX For Dolphin

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How to Install Smash UX For Dolphin

Post by lide401 on Wed Oct 14, 2015 11:49 pm

Dolphin Emulator

First download the mod at the top bar which says download click that and it will take you to a mediafire link and download it it will take a while

After downloaded download DolphinSDcard and extract it on the desktop then open up "Easy Dolphin SDCard Maker" 
Then once open pick 1gb or 2gb and press "Make virtual SDcard"

It will show a black cmd window just close that and it should say "Done."

Now you wanna open up WinImage and put your SD card you just made on the left side and should show a folder icon and a \

Then drag the mod files in on the right side

Then you press the save button and put the SD card you just edited into your dolphin Dolphin Emulator>Wii and put the sd card inside there

Then you want to open Dolphin and make sure your Brawl iso is set to default

And make sure you have inserted sd card checked Config>Wii

After that press Open and find Gecko 1931 and click on Gecko 1931>HBC>Gecko1931>boot.elf and it should open with gecko launch screen press on config options and make sure Gecko hook type is AXNextFrame

Then your all set to launch enjoy our mod :)

If anyone could make a Iso Builder for our mod it would be appreciated

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