How to Install Smash UX For Wii

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How to Install Smash UX For Wii

Post by lide401 on Sun Oct 11, 2015 5:31 pm

Geckos or USB LOADER

First download the mod at the top bar which says download click that and it will take you to a mediafire link where to download and download it. it will take a bit of time but after you wanna double click the file you will need WinRAR so go ahead and download that its everywhere

Then after you double click the WinRAR file take all the file from it then open up your SD card and place then in THE ROOT of your SD card

Now we are gonna need some apps to be able to get it running 

get Geckos if you have the brawl disc
get USB Loader if you dont have a brawl disc

NOTICE: if you dont have a brawl disc you will need a hard drive im not gonna tell you how to do this because there are lots of tutorials

Once you get Geckos or USB Loader Create a folder in your SD card called "apps"

Open up your Geckos file you can get it by just typing it on google "gecko1931

Now after you click on HBC you wanna drag the "Gecko 1931 file to the apps folder we made earlier 

Its the same with USBLoader find the files with boot.dol and icon

Now you wanna get Homebrew lots of tutorials on the internet so im not gonna bother with that so you wanna start up your wii and go to Homebrew channel

Then the Hook type on Axnextframe on Geckos and USBLoader

Your all set now you can Launch Game and should work Enjoy our Mod 

for USBLoader
Make sure Ocarina (cheats) is ON and Hook Type on axnextframe

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